You are indeed a being of power, love and possibilities.

I was watching a Ted Talk video on Facebook about addiction and how most of our information about addiction comes from a research they did on rats. They would put rats alone in a cage with 2 types of waters to drink. One that was laced with drugs and the other not.

In this experiment they noticed that the rats quickly got addicted to the drug laced water and drank enough of it to end their life. After awhile doing this experiment someone that was watching it said Hey, they’re by themselves in there with nothing to do of course they would go with the drug laced water. Lets try this a different way!

So they created a rat utopia. Gave them all the cheese, and color balls had a bunch of rats in the cages together both male and female. Still keeping the 2 waters for them to choose from.

Over the course of the experiment they noticed that the rats would use the drug laced water every so often but spent more of their time with each other and enjoying their utopia. And they lived a fuller, happier life.

The conclusion they came to was that when they isolated the rats and left them in an empty cage of course they enjoyed the drugged laced water and took enough of it to end their life because it was a life not of living but of existing. That addiction could be merely a result of ones environment.

As humans we of course do they same. When we feel a lack of connection or belonging we tend to feel depressed. We will reach out to other things good or bad to fill the void that we feel is currently lacking. But when we give ourselves a purpose, a reason to embrace life we tend to have more of the desire to do and create more for ourselves.

Plus we tend to inspire others around us to do the same.

So which rat are you? Are you putting yourself in an empty cage of a life not worth living? Have you taken the chance to find more beyond that lately?

Whose to say that they even locked those cages? Maybe those rats alone in that cage had the chance to escape and find something better for themselves. But instead they took the easier way of numbing the loneliness. Dulling the life they did have to hopefully leave it all behind. Because it was comfortable living in the mundane.

The first thing we should do when we feel like we are lacking something is to check to see if you cage is in fact locked. Maybe you’ve only locked it with your limiting beliefs? Told yourself that there is nothing better on the other side because you can’t see that far in front of you to even know if there’s something else out there in the first place.

Second, if it is locked, what would your solution be to opening the door?

It takes one step, one movement to make a ripple. You have to a have the desire to regenerate your life. To choose to be born again, to hunt for that purpose that you were set apart to become.

You have to give yourself the grace to forgive the thoughts you did have to create the thoughts you will have. Grace will give you the voice that could call a change, more importantly it will give you the power to pull off that change.

Once you have forgive the guilt, shame or your [ insert feeling here ] its now time to find that need, the desire to acknowledge the strength of that burning feeling that is pulling you towards something, anything so you can go after the new, the scary and not scrum to the fear of what lies ahead.

Instead open the cage of your possibilities.

“We are desire. It is the essence of the human soul, the secret of our existence. Absolutely nothing of human greatness is ever accomplished without it. Not a symphony has been written, a mountain climbed, an injustice fought, or a love sustained apart from desire. Desire fuels our search for the life we prize.” – John Elderidge.

Grace will give you that desire. It will turn it on with such a force that the cage you locked yourself in will melt away and leave only the embers in your quake. Reminding you that you are indeed a being of power, love and possibilities.

Just be willing to look beyond what is in front of you and find that connection and passion you already hold inside of you.

Ask yourself

What am I grateful for today?

My desire for today is___________.

My long term desire will be___________.

I could do this_________ to move towards it.

Note. Not all change is big and life altering. Not all passions will require you to start a business, move or get divorced or even find a life partner. I think that once I realized that I allowed myself to celebrate the small moments of changed that came.

I was able to see that just taking the chance to make a small change like drinking more water or going to bed on time or hugging my husband and whispering I love you’s, getting on the floor and playing with my kids or even take 15 minutes to write in my journal or blog added up to big changes, allowed me to see what I was meant to do on this earth during this time.

Over time I began to see that my joy was here to bring others joy. That my fears were here to comfort others. That the trails I endured will be knowledge to those around me.

That my heart is full of forgiveness and love.

The more I embraced those small moments the more big things came to me.

So as I type this I will write out my answers to those question I asked you to think about.

What am I grateful for today?


The simple joy that this earth brings. The wind in the trees, laughter and hugs from my kids, the ability for words to fill my mind with new ideas and new power. My husbands kisses.

What is my desire for today?

To cook a home cooked meal and sit around the kitchen table with my kids and catch up on all their ideas and imaginations.

My long term desire will be:

Seeing the simple and loving the mundane. To not always chase the bigger brighter life see all what I have now and enjoy these moments that I wont get back.

I could do spend 15 to 20 minutes a day relishing in the here and now as I turn off my phone and the TV and embrace the stillness of that. that is how I will move towards it.

Tell me your answers in the comments I would love to hear them!

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