Interview with artist Jordan Gomez

When I started Hey Be Fab, I wanted it to be a community of friends that would come together in support, love and encouragement.  Because that was something I was lacking in my own life. So over the last few years this little business of mine has started to shift and grow.

When I started to teach classes, I did so only in the hopes to gain friendships. I realized that as an adult and a mother it was much harder to find friendships that were more than just an acquaintance due to your kids being kids.

I wanted to be able to find people that got me. That could be there in the times that maybe I was struggling and I didn’t know how to find that.

These classes opened doors to other women and a few men that saw me for me and not me as just the mother or co worker they would run into every once in a while.

It felt like I stumble upon this secret key and I knew I couldn’t get it a secret any more.

Audrey Christensen | Hey Be Fab Artist

I made it my mission with Hey Be Fab to build relationships with other artist, mothers, people looking for that same connection I once lost. I taught classes, went to conferences, had full on breakdowns in my IG stories, danced in my underwear on the internet because I felt safe enough to do so.

Learned, grew, strength the love for myself and for those around me.

So when I started my Be Fab Boxes it felt like it was missing something. I chatted with a few close friends who informed me that it was missing you.

You are all about of Hey Be Fab. Each message, share, class you attend and this needed to also be about you.

That is why I started the art collaboration box. Not only did I want you to strengthen your own skills but I want to share your story as well.

I get to do that today.

Jordan Gomez, submitted work for the box and was chosen by my Patreon members to be the highlighted artist for April. Not only will her pattern be part of the box to go alongside mine, but we have also been getting to know each other.

The other day I asked her a bunch of questions which she so graciously answered. Below you will find them.

Also next week we will be going LIVE together to chat more about her and her journey on my instagram (which if all goes well will be saved and shared on YouTube)

I am so happy that she was picked to be our first artist and I can not wait to meet more of you this way as well.

Now to the questions….

  • When was the first time that you remember realizing that you are a creative person? My whole life I’ve known I was creative, but definitely as far back as first grade. Back then, I had my heart set on being a book illustrator. But then again, even before that I was sitting under my grandma’s sewing table and cutting up her scraps to make barbie clothes. I’ve really come full circle!
  • When did you know that this was what you wanted to do with your life? How did you get started? I’m not sure I ever decided this was what I wanted to do. My business, art, and daily life have slowly evolved on their own and have somehow become more ‘me’ over time. One thing lead to another and it’s working out quite well.
  • What traits, if any, do you think that creative people have as compared to people who are not creative? I think creative people are more likely to try new things and persevere through doubt.
  • Do believe that your training has influenced what you create? Yes. I studied apparel and textile design in college. I really fell in love with the sewing side of the industry and ended up working in a tailoring shop. I later managed to combine my love of sewing with my childhood dream of becoming an illustrator to create sewn illustrations.
  • Have you ever felt that your personal expectations have limited your creativity? If so, how have you dealt with this? YES! I sew for a living. I also make sewn illustrations for fun. If I’m sewing I’ve been conditioned to feel like I should be making money. I feel like I would be more creative if I didn’t have a tiny part of me saying ‘…but you’re not making any money right now.’ The expectation of monetizing my art is a real struggle for me right now!
  • Have other people supported or inspired you? Please explain. Yes! I’m so inspired by some lovely creatives I’ve met through instagram. There is a group of other free motion embroidery artists who cheer each other on and are so inspiring with their differing styles. I love it! Community over competition. And as always, my family is incredibly supportive – forever encouraging and supporting my business and creative endeavors.
  • How have you dealt with any criticism you have gotten because of your creative endeavors? I usually sit with it, overthink about it a bit, and then (mostly) let it go if it’s not helping me. I’m not great at letting it go. It still creeps back in, but it’s about learning to use it for good/improvement instead of letting it rip you apart.
  • Do you ever feel that you have to censor your creativity because you don’t want to offend anyone? Yes. I quite like to cuss and I love the weird in the world. Oftentimes I tone both of those things down to appeal to more people.
  • Do you do anything special to get your “creative juices” flowing? Please explain. No. I am at a point in my life where I don’t have the time or space away from other responsibilities to be fully creative, so I’m always bursting at the seams when I get the time.
  • Does your work convey a specific emotion or message? I don’t think so? But I’d love to hear what others think.
  • If you could be any object, what would you be? Why? I don’t know about an object, but I’ve always been so fascinated at the thought of experiencing myself from the perspective of someone quite different from me. How cool would that be?! Okay, but to answer your question better….a mirror. I looooove people watching and a mirror would be the ultimate way to do that.
  • What are your words of wisdom for someone starting out? Just start and then keep going. Those are the two hardest things most days, but will get you far in the long run.

Thank you Jordan for taking the time to answer these questions! I hope you all got to know her a bit better.

Remember next week I will be doing a live chat with her over on my instagram so make sure to look for that and if you signed up for my newsletter you will be able to get a link this week to pre order your collaboration art box! Which I am sure you will love!

You can also submit your work to be picked to for the upcoming box in June HERE.

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