The Art Collab Box | Runners up

Friends, although I have already announced the winner for April’s Box I wanted to take a moment and talk about those who submitted artwork as well. Because I believe that they too should be congratulated for taking the first step in putting themselves out there. (to some that is the hardest step.)

April’s theme was garden which allowed for some cute animals to be submitted as well as some fun flowers/plants.

These pieces submitted by Heather Thomson Silver had so many of Be Fab Patreon’s Swoon over them.

Her artwork has just such a fun charm to it and would be so much fun to stitch (Her bee design almost won!) I do hope Heather you keep submitting work, because I know for one that I can not wait to stitch up one of your lovely designs!

Another artist to submit work for APRIL’S Theme was Mary Martin. This piece is so lovely and I can just imagine how the paint would swirl all over this. OOOoooo it makes me tingle thinking about it! I can not wait to see what other designs she will cook up!

The final artist to submit work for April’s Themed box was Tysen Burgess With her submission she also shared with me a wonderful song that her piece was inspired by.

The song that inspired this painting.

Which after you watch it you will fall even more in love with her piece.

I have watched Tysen over the years become more attuned with herself and her journey and I appreciate all that she is doing to better her and those around her.

Thank you Tysen for taking the time to submit work. I hope you do again the future.

If you would like to participate you can find the themes below as well as the link to submit your designs. Please reach out to me by email if you have any questions: and Happy Arting!


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