What has once been a burden to you can become a triumph for another.

There are a few people in my life that tend to spout off a lot of words. Words that tend to lay flat when you really look at what they are offering. There is no thought or action behind them they are stiff and take up a lot of space not only in their life but in the lives of those around them. 

Normally they are the people who tend to give you those backhanded compliments after you go out of your way to help them with whatever it is that they needed. They offer these words to you as payment but with no weight to them they tend to fall off and clutter the floor with annoyance. 

After time you tend to not believe what they say. 

What I have come to find out is that I tend to be one of those people but to myself. I have told myself a lot of words for lot of the years of my life that were flat unappreciated because there was no action behind them. No reason for them. 

I did what others did because that is what was being done. I liked what they liked because it seem like it was the only choice that was offered to me. I promised myself action and reward but instead indulged in habits that prevented me from moving forward to what I wish I would accomplish.  

Years of doubting my abilities lead to doubting myself which allowed for those flat words to take up all the space that was available for me to move forward. I was too bogged down in their weight to move.

What I have learned over the years that when you choose to take action on the words or story you tell yourself that the action becomes like a tractor scooping up those flat lies you’ve told and turning them into bricks to build your foundation. 

You soon began to build a house to carry around the weight of your life, adding in the windows to help bring in the breeze to breathe, making sure the doors open to new opportunities. Shelving the issues you had with your past self so it allows room for growth. When you are able to look at all the hard work that it took to create a space for your soul to live you start to understand why it is so important to keep building. 

We are not meant to live this life to only satisfy our needs. We are meant to live and build alongside others. To create this community of souls learning for their human mishaps. To transform what has once been a burden to one into a triumph for another. 

To do that we must first see our words for what they are. Do they provide a shelter for those around you? Or do they tend to take up space? Is there action beyond the thought? Or just a longing for compilation?

Do we do what we say, when we say we’re going to do to it?

 If not, why is that?

What lie have we told to ourselves to make us believe that we are not capable?

What action could we take to change the reaction of the thought?

When I was mediating the other day I come to the conclusion that I needed to write my future self a letter. Not only so I could understand myself right now but to also congratulate her for being willing to work to move forward. Sometimes we get lost in the work that we forget how far we have actually come. So I challenge you to do the same.

Use the following for guidance if needed.

  1. Start out by acknowledging your current effort and growth.
  2. Speak to the areas that you see that are alive and thriving right now.
  3. What needs to shift? What growth do you wish to see?
  4. Close with encouragement. “When things get hard, remember this…”

Try to do this fluently, without thought. Free writing persa. So you get organic thoughts. Try to do this with no judgement on yourself but instead with love. Then put it somewhere that maybe one day you will stumble upon it. A book, journal and certain place in your house. And let it wait. 

Then on the day you will need it, it will find you or you it. You will be able to read it and see just how much growth actually happened and how far you have come from that day you wrote it.

I can not wait to read mine.

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