You are not meant to exist you are meant to live.

If you saw my post the other day on instagram then you know that I spent the evening with a bunch of women who were choosing to come together for empowerment with the freedom to learn and grow from each others experiences. We had a lovely dinner and listened as one the women from that group stood and spoke in front of us, to teach us a tool that she uses to better her own life. 

Now this was a business dinner with a room filled with women who have started or was about to start a business but we were all there because we took the chance on ourselves to solve a problem we faced personally. And most of the businesses there started because we found the solution to that said problem and we knew that others would also benefit from it. So we took it upon ourselves to teach others. If that was by providing them with a tool, a product or friendship.

But look, what I learn last night doesn’t just apply to my business but it also applied to my personal life. And I know that I talk a lot about self discovering, self love and the betterment of yourself. I do that because it rings so true to me. I was living a life prior to this that was filled with the mundane tasks and I felt life was just about going on with your day not realizing the potential I had to learn so much more. 

My life didn’t just have to be about my kids, or my husband or even my job. It could be a life that I lived on my own terms. When I discovered that I was allowed to better my soul in the way that was comfortable to me it was like a light switched on and I was able to open the doors I didn’t see before.

I had the chance to meet people that I otherwise wouldn’t have met. I had the chance to discover the things that I loved about myself that I didn’t realized still existed. I was able to tap into my purpose, the path that I was designed to take and I gotta see it clearly for the first time because I allowed myself to be open to the idea that there was more for me out there.

That my more was art, community, friendship and love. And hey yours may be different but that’s what is so great! You get to be you, unapologetically, unfiltered. When you choose to do that, you will discover so much more about yourself and for the first time you will see the opportunities that you never fathomed before. 

Whatever you believe in, know that there is a higher purpose or reason for you being here. It could be the universe guiding you, angels, god, your higher being. Whatever. 

For me, I believe that life is not meant to just exist but meant to be lived. Truly lived. I believe the only way we can live is to learn, make mistakes, have pain, joy and all the other emotions possible. We need to struggle to find peace and know peace so we can have hope in the times we struggle. We need to share and be open and lift others up from the mud they get themselves trapped in. So that when we are there in the mud too we have people who will in turn help us. 

We are not meant to just exist, to be just another person, we are meant to grow our souls and come together. 

Taunia, the women who spoke last night shared a tool she created that allowed you to see your purpose more clearly, without being bogged down with the everyday things that happen.

She called it a visional conversation. 

She reminded us that all day long we are surrounded with clues, hints per say, provided by our higher purpose. That if we took a moment and actually wrote down the things that triggered us or made us light up and put it altogether on a board (which she calls an evidence board) that we’d be able to piece them together to see which path we are suppose to take, essentially like a life detective. 

She showed us that by being mindful and intuned with our beings that we could get the answers to all the questions we asked ourselves on the daily. That by listening to our inner guidance, we will be able to see clearly what path we are to take. 

If you totally trusted yourselves and your ability to create, what would it be that you would choose?

What would be the steps that you would take?

What else is possible that you’ve never considered?

Would you be willing to act on it?

Look, I ramble a lot and talk a lot about these things because it was something that was so needed in my life when I was at a point of despair. A place I didn’t know how to get out of. And maybe you’re there now, or maybe you are not. Whatever you are in your life, you get the choice to make decisions to better yourself as well as the ones around you. 

You get to wake up and choose who you are going to be today. Some days it will be too hard to bare alone, other days it wont. but you get to choose. And look I’m not saying that you’re gonna turn on a light switch and all of a sudden you are gonna be “happy” and all will be right in the world. Because it wont. It will not be easy. It will not just happen. You have to make it happen. You do. Not me, not your friend or your partner or even your damn dog. 

You do.

You have to decided that today you will do more than you did yesterday and maybe today will be the day you’ve done enough and you need to do nothing. regardless, it is up to you.

Pick up a book, attend a dinner with a bunch of strangers. Read this and take something from it. Do something to make today bearable or to gain more knowledge or to freakin help someone else out.

Just go and do it.

You are not meant to exist you are meant to live. To live on your terms. To live the life you want. regardless of what others have told you in the past. You are enough, you are loved and you are freaking amazing. What you have to offer is what someone is needing, even if that some is just you.

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