UltraViolet Studios | That’s Ultraviolet

Friends, I wish there was words to express just how grateful I am to Ashley and Matthew from the Ultraviolet Studios but I am at a loss of words.

When I first met Ashley it was at the farmers market in Ogden and she came over to my booth and chatted with me. We were instant friends. Her calming energy swept over me like something I have never experienced before. 

She took the time to look at each piece I had display that day making sure she saw them for what they were. In those moments she saw me as I wished to be seen. She saw me as an artist.

When she left I had to step back for a moment because I could not believe how much she changed my perspective on my own art. How she could see my soul and make me feel like I was flying among the angels.

It truly made me breathless.

she followed me later that day on instagram and I immediately took the time to check out her page and was fascinated by her presence online. I followed her back.

Over the summer she’d visit me each Saturday and chat with me like we have been friends for ages. She brought her daughter and I watched as she taught her daughter to appreciate art and what it all stood for. 

She supported me by purchasing my art but also by believing so fully in me.

When she reached out later to tell me about a studio that she was creating and how she wanted me to be the first in her space I was honored and thrilled. 

It was still being built and even though I never saw it before the day of my launch party I knew that she was going to make it a space that allowed for so much joy and creativity to be bloomed. 

I walked in her space a few hours before the party started and was in awe at how amazing it was even though just a day before they were sweeping up all the constructionion mess to make it work for the party. She even had tables made for the event by a wonderful start up called Chisel.

(you can find the makers of that table here: Jon & Nate)

Those tables friends, belong in a million dollar home. They were unbelievable. 

When I walked into her space I believed that it was created just for me. It elovated me in a place I always dreamed I would be in and I never fathomed that I would actually get to be apart of that dream. I literally gasped at the beauty the walls possesed.  

The whole night Ashley and Matthew took gentle care of each person. Talking with them as well as capturing them in photos that made their souls light up to be seen. They never made me or anyone once feel like I didn’t belong there. 

After my guests left and we sat and chatted about the night I was in complete awe that I was invited to be apart of such an amazing space. 

Not only do I recommend that you take the time to get to know Ashley and Matthew but you also need to be in their space. The energy surrounding it will make you feel like you are floating on the clouds in heaven. 

It will feel your soul with so much creativity and love that you will never want to leave. 

To this day when I think of their space I still get that same high that I had that night.  

If you came and supported me that night, I thank you. If you did a shout out and like the event posts, I thank you. I appreciate you all just as much as I do of Ashley and Matthew. 

If you would like to see more photos of the event that she took head to the link.

Plus you can support Ashley and her photography business by purchasing any of them on her site. She is a fabulous photographer. And deserves all the success. 

Make sure you take a moment to follow their journey on social media as well. UltraViolet Studios and Ashley Thalman Photos   

You can also find their websites here: Ashley Thalman and  Ultraviolet Studios

See all the other sponsors of the event and those who have helped paved the way for this to be built here.

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