Forget the what if’s and jump in with the why not’s.


When I first wanted to do this stitch along I had a lot of doubts. And truthfully I put it off for months before I had enough courage to truly just go for it.

I kept coming back to the thought, that I don’t have the right tools, I don’t have enough funds to hire professional, if it doesn’t look right how could anyone take me seriously, but there was just something that was nagging at me to get it done. And I just couldn’t put it off anymore.

So I jumped in with no plan. Literally none. I didn’t have a pattern created. I wasn’t even sure how I would create one. I didn’t have an tutorials made or PDFS. On the day I announced the stitch along was the day I knew I just couldn’t turn back, regardless if I was ready or not.

Even on that day, I didn’t know I was going tell anyone about this. It just spewed out of my mouth and once I hit add to story on instagram it was too late to take it back.

What I found was that truthfully all the things I thought were holding me back was just excuses that were disguised as my fear of this not being successful.

It’s easy to find the way out of things but hard to go all in. Once you do you will wish that you never took that easy road in the first place, because look at how much time was wasted worrying about the what ifs and not jumping in with the why nots. I could have met more of you sooner. I could have had brought you the joy I get when I create art sooner.

If only I didn’t compare myself to what others did or do and just went in head first without those doubts and hey who knows if I would be as passionate about this if I didn’t take that hard road. All I know is that right now, I am so pleased that we all are building this community together.

So thank you. Thank you to those who jumped in this with me. Who share, who send me DMs, who pull me up when I am feeling stressed and blue. Thank you for being here.

Below are some amazing art that was created by you. You should be proud! These truly are amazing!

You can find all the other stitchers on instagram with the hashtag: #hbfstitchalong and if you do not see your piece highlight here please send it to me. I will gladly add it to this list of stunning work.

And guys! It is not too late to start on September’s Pattern or even October’s Pattern. Join the mailing list to get the access code and weekly stitch guides and head to our FB group: The Be Fab Gang to connect with other amazing artist and to check out all the video tutorials and LIVES I do for you.


Guys, thank you again for showing me that my doubts were invalid and that you truly appreciate all the things I do. It means the world to me.

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