Are you willing to take the first step?


My body woke me up early this morning. Although, my alarm was never set. It was just used to getting up and preparing to hustle at my towns Farmer’s Market. Like it did every Saturday morning for that last 4 months.

As I laid in bed sandwiched between my youngest and my husband I reflected on how much this market has done for me.

Two years ago, I was finally to a point in my life that I no longer wanted to live a life full of the mundane. I was done with waking up, working, taking care of the kids, cleaning, making dinners and watching tv and then doing it all over again the next day.

I wanted more than that.

I needed more than that.

I needed a purpose.

I remember clearly watching the ball drop on New Year’s Eve and as the year rolled into 2017 on tv, the house was quiet. The husbands asleep already on the couch next to my young boys and I was holding my baby, rocking her to sleep.

My world at that moment stopped. Froze, and I was able to clearly see what my path would look like if I continued down this road and I sobbed.

I didn’t want this. I wanted to find more, be more.

I held my baby close to my chest, breathed her in and whispered: “Give me purpose, oh I just need, purpose.” Over and over until the words could no longer escape.

I woke up that morning, as I normally did. There was no extra magic tucked under the covers ready for it to burst into my life, handing me what I wanted. But instead, as my feet touched the floor, I knew it would be a different world for me.

Each day, I pushed myself out my comfort zone. I asked myself the hard questions, listened to my soul and let it lead me to back to when I was the happiest. I rediscovered the love of art I had.

I joined community groups and actually went to the events they held. I hosted a huge potluck at my own home for people I didn’t know.  I talked to strangers who turned into friends.

I was vulnerable and talked about the hurt I held onto for years, I gave myself permission to actually feel it and forgive it.

I shared my pain with others who shared theirs with me. I tried new things and failed at a lot of things.

I shared my art which then built a community of friends who needed the same outlet that I did.

I went from identifying as being “just a mother” To being known as Audrey the local artist.

And each Saturday, during the summer I was able to clearly feel the purpose I so desperately wanted. This market was not only building a thriving community, but it also brought me purpose in my own life.

It was something that I could tangible grasp onto when I didn’t have the confidence to believe that my worth, my art was making a difference in my life or in the life of others.

To be able to see people react to your artwork in person solidifies that you are truly making and creating a difference for you and for them, and I highly recommend that. It also opened doors for me and crossed off the dreams I had on my list.

I was invited to be a featured artist, for the first Friday art stroll, which highlights upcoming artist in a gallery setting in a big town event. I was invited to be apart of a big community art project and I was interviewed by our local newspaper in a live interview.

I made a bunch of customs, held multiple art classes, did private events, sold my artwork in multiple brick and mortar stores, donated art pieces for charity events. Started my own community group, was recognized and meet many many many wonderful people.

I don’t write this to brag but instead to inspire. If you spend the time and rediscover what drives you, inspires you, makes you whole. You will be able to create the freedom from the mundane and find purpose in your own life.

Are you willing to take the first step?




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