Come Stitch Along with me…

Hey Be Fab Stitch Along

Can I just say, that time is speeding by and life is full and I am just so happy that you and I have connected. Truly I am. I know I can get a bit nushy mushy forushy with you, okay I do that a lot. But it is because I seriously am so happy that you have chosen to let me be in your life.

And HEY, even if we don’t know each other personally and if our relationship has this internet window between us. I just want you to know that it means so much to me that I get to be a part of your daily life.

I can not get gushy enough about how BIG social media has made my world.

I remember being a new mommy, almost 10 years ago now and I felt so alone. I felt that no one understood me and then I stumbled into this  mommy blogging world and it was amazing. I was finally able  feel like I belonged somewhere. That I had a tribe of people who got me.

That is what led me here now, to you.

You are meant to be in my life,  and I into yours.
I honestly can say that if we didn’t have this ability to share ourselves with each other. That most of us would not completely feel like they belong.

I want you to know, to understand that, you, being here. You are accepted in my tribe. You are enough, you are loved, you are inspiring and amazing and you belong here. You have people here.

That is one of the MAIN reasons I started teaching classes locally. I wanted to find people here next to me that I could connect with. But this is also why I am starting this #HBFSTITCHALONG.

Because some of us, only have internet friends who get us. I know for 10 years I only had that. (seriously, I only JUST started to gain IRL friends.)

So if you want to connect with us on a deeper level come hang out with THE BE FAB GANG, on FB.
Print the pattern, stitch it and paint with us. We want you there, you will bring so much more joy into our group.

So even if you have never embroidered or made a cloth doll, come join us anyway. Come, join if you have.

Audrey Hey Be Fab

Either way you belong with us and we can not wait to meet you.

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