There will always be moments given to you, to quit.

The clouds rolled in, sweeping in with darkness. Thunder clapped, the air gathered the smell of the rain hitting the pavement and the lighting streaked across the sky provided a glistening of light needed to see.

Do I cancel?

Do I continue?

Is this an opportunity provided by the universe of the break I so needed?

Or can I do the only thing necessary, which is to move forward?

There are moments in life that we can see clearly what the outcome will be. If I do this, this will happen.

There are also moments in our life that we have to make a choice to either push through, or give up.


The weeks leading up to this class, my mind, soul and heart was tired. I pushed myself to exhaustion and I didn’t think I would be able to find my second wind. How can I move forward? How can I give all I have when I have nothing left?

I cried to my husband, telling him softly of all the things I fear would happened if I wasn’t able to give more of myself to this upcoming class.  I wailed in the worry, and crumbled in doubt.


The night came, the wind came, the storm followed.

I was awoke in the middle of the night to a phone alert of a flash flood warning in our area, and I laughed.

I had every right to cancel my class that day. It was in an outside venue, I didn’t have a big enough tent to cover all of us from the storm. People couldn’t be as disappointed, because I can’t change the weather right?

This could be just what I needed, but this could also be just what THEY needed.

As the day rolled on, so did the storm.

The Oasis Summer Night event was canceled, one of the main reason I choose to do a class there. But because of that, I was able to use their gazebo to hold the class.

So I kept moving.

Kept prepping.

I choose to brave the storm.

To face it full on.

The rain fell hard, as I was setting up the class. The wind kicked up, knocking over and blowing away a lot of the set up, leaving me to chase after it.

But I kept moving.



As the time came for the class to start, no one showed. I doubted in myself for even thinking they’d brave the storm with me. But I couldn’t stop believing that they would show.

The storm settled, the clouds opened, and cars rolled in.

The next few hours, although cold we gathered, chatted, laughed, embroidered until our fingers couldn’t. Same left early, with the option of coming next week to finish.

Same stayed until the end, but we all braved the storm and kept moving forward.

The take away I get for me, is that there will always be moments given to you, to quit. To give up, to take the easy way out and maybe in some causes you should. But if you just keep moving, you may find the strength in others who choose to do the same.


What I do I know for sure is that you will get that breathe of fresh air that is so needed after a storm as long as you let it keep moving you forward.


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