Will you fail? Totally. Maybe more than once, but will it be worth it?

2018-04-09 09_27_52.803

Holy banana bottoms, 
How the heck is everyone doing? You know, I don’t know if its because of a new moon or that my kids and I are no longer sick, but I feel so full of energy, love and gratitude that it’s like its shooting out of my finger tips. I bet if I tried hard enough I could fly and morph into a unicorn. That’s how magical I feel right now.

About a year ago, I attended a branding workshop in Provo, Utah with the amazing Alison Show (look her up on insta, you’ll love her.) I went into this workshop knowing that I wanted more out of what I was offering but I wasn’t actually sure how to go about it. I just felt like I was suppose to give you all something because in turn it would give me something.

This workshop helped me narrow it down. It was more of a therapy session with like minded people than learning about business. Which is what I loved.

Because you are your business/brand. What you have to offer, if its products or just your presence. It is important to validate them. Especially now, that we are all connected because of social media. We get the opportunity to inspire and be inspired.

Living the life that you dream, is possible. Its scary as FUDGE. But it’s possible. I went from feeling trapped in my everyday life to discovering what my purpose was. To opening windows to more opportunities than I have ever imagined. And guys, I am not telling this to you to brag (maybe a little) I am telling you this because I believe WHOLEHEARTEDLY that you too can have what you desire.

If that is traveling more, actually getting dressed for the day, meeting and making new friends, discovering a talent you wish you had and then KILLING AT IT. Whatever it is, big, small or inbetween.


I am living proof.

But how Audrey, you might ask. While the first step, is not to be afraid of what your heart longs for and to stop pushing aside that burning desire. To ask yourself the hard question.

What is my purpose?
What makes me excited?
Who am I?
What do I have to offer?
Why is it important?

And then once you ask yourself the tough question, you have to actually GET UP and do it.

Will you fail? Totally. Maybe more than once, but will it be worth it. OH MY GOD, YES! SO worth it!

I challenge you to go and do one thing that scares you today. Go discover something that you thought you lacked and show yourself that you are truly, utterly, magnificent. That your presence on this earth, at this time, in this world is NEEDED now more than ever.

That you my friend, have so much purpose, so much joy waiting to escape your finger tips, that when it does you to will morph into that magical unicorn which is you and watch as the magic seeps out & creates a world, a life that you have always wanted.

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