Let those juices flow, girl

Last night I was honored to host my 4th doll making class over at the fun funky Pandemonium gifts and gallery on 25th street. There is just something about gathering a bunch of women together and creating. The room was filled with so much light and energy and love. It was truly fantastic.

I always go into each class hoping that when everyone leaves that they feel so energized and released from any crap that they had going on that day. Because I know for me, that after I create something, anything I always feel 10 times better then I did when I first started.

This class we got to create Voodoo dolls and eat a bunch of chocolate. (No serious, my husband whipped us up some chocolate covered strawberries, and they were delicious!)


Whats so great about these classes are that I give you a simple pattern and an example of what the doll could look like and then I let you have at it. (helping you along the way of course.)

I had students who made a sugar craving voodoo bunny, to ones that look like their past lovers or friends and even a trump one. There was no limit to what your imagination wanted to make.

That’s what I find to be the most amazing thing about these classes is that no two dolls will ever turn out the same and to me, that’s just how life is right?

I believe that we are all our own person and there is no one in the world like you. I mean they could possibly look like you, maybe you are a twin. But they do not have your soul, your thoughts, your inner beauty that inner spunk that allows you to shine.

Just like the doll you create. That is what is so god damn fabulous.

27971920_10155448402312861_9054972546447890664_n (1)

We get to live in a world, a place, a universe with billions upon billions of people who are just them. No one else. That just amazes me and boogles my mind.


I know I talk a lot about finding that love for your self but after this class last night it just makes me believe it so much more. I truly found a new sense of love and excitement for not only creating dolls but for loving who I am when I allow myself to be, me.

I find so much joy in teaching, and laugh with others when they see how fun art is. It makes me so full of life. That the next day and a few days after I feel like I could explode with excitement.


I hope that if you come to one of my classes that you leave feeling the same. Because that is my goal.

If you are interested in my next class I already have it on the books. Go HERE  for more info.

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