I ain’t got time for no self-doubt.


The tricky thing about self-doubt is that we never really see it coming until we are in the mist of the effects it has on us. It’s a sneaky little bastard that has no place in your mind. But yet, somehow it finds its way there. Sometimes with nothing more than a sly comment from someone else or the fear of what could happen.

Over the years I have discovered that is it best to have tools to use to fight your self-doubt, which in turn will hopefully make it come in less.

For me, the best thing I can do is talk about it. To release the emotion. I find that when I do, I don’t feel so heavy about it anymore. It’s like I gave it permission to exist and then allowed it move on without feeding its insecurity’s.

But the moment I feed it, is the moment it consumes me.
I’ll often write or take a video of me talking (hello over sharing on insta stories.) and then I read or play it back so I can see how I’m actually feeling.

I think I do this because I feel it so intensely that I have a hard time breathing in the good. Does that make sense? I am not sure how to explain it.

But once it has been released, I find its good to dig deeper into why it came in the first place. Sometimes that is easier said than done. But If I can name the issue, I can find the solution.

I also use art as a way to escape from the emotion as well. I feel like that is another form of release. So for you, maybe you need to find your joy and let it run your life. Because we all have different things that make us happy.

Just remember though, that happiness is just a moment not an end all. Its job is to come and bring joy but not to stay and keep you company.

You need to keep your own company. Which comes to my point of self-care.
Out of all the things we deal with in life. Self-care should be the on the top of your list more than anything or ANYONE else.

Self-care is not selfish. It is fucking VITAL.

You cannot care for others, love others, be with others if you cannot do the same for yourself.

You are the most important person in your life. Treat yourself that way. When you do, all the doubting, and insecurities tend to come in less because you gave yourself permission to be fucking amazing.

I hope this helps, I know for me this week I did have a lot of self-doubt and by writing this, talking on my stories and creating I have allowed that moment to pass and I again found my joy. And her and I, let me just say, we’re currently in a good place with each other.

Like right now in my mind we are running on a beach somewhere. Maybe even skinny dipping or in my case FAB FAT DIPPING. Cause I am a size 22 of whole hearted fabulous goodness. And I love everything about that. And I ain’t got time for no self-doubt.

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