You deserve to feel damn good about yourself.


There are times in my life that I seem to have just enough of what I want. I feel good, great even and then bam! I am hit with emotional shit that I didn’t even realize I was still dealing with.

But I think that is the great thing about life though. We get to grow through what we go through and if we just stayed stagnate we’d never find what is beyond having just, enough.

Becoming knowledgeable about life, especially your own life, is a very interesting concept to me.  There are many ways to find knowledge as humans. We explore, research for information, we try it out, we listen. We gain skills from it, acquire tools to use for a later date and we adapt to our surroundings.

But the main way for anyone to really gain knowledge is by experience. And learning to embrace yourself, is a constant progress.

I think its fascinating that when you discover one thing about yourself, it opens up windows that you didn’t realized you closed.

I am reading this book called “The Child Whisper.” (its a parenting book.) And in there it talks about how each person is born with their own energy type. And that through out your life people (mainly your parents) see how your energy type differs from their own and they think that because of that they must instill values on you to make you a good person.

But here is the thing, you are already a good person. You were literally born one.

So with out thinking parents (lets say people now) will place their energy beliefs on to you. You’re too loud, too this, way to much of that. You don’t do this enough, or why can’t you be this way…

Right? we hear these things daily, but what we as a society have a hard time grasping is that we are not all the same. We were each born with values and traits different from each other on purpose. And instead of forcing our energy levels onto other people, we need to embrace theirs so we can embrace our own.

And when we do that, the world opens up to more joy, self love and confidence then ever before because we are free to be who we were born to be.

I think right now though, as a society we are slowly starting to understand this. Or I hope we are anyway. There are so many people currently fighting for us to be able to be who we are. It just takes time to dig through the crap and shovel our way past what others have put on us to see that we are in fact good enough.

And that my friend is something we can never stop learning.

I hope that you can take moments in your day to truly reflect on how YOU are as a person. And allow your energy type to shine. Don’t let it dwindle because you are not the same as some one else. Be proud of the fact that you get to be you. You are truly a burst of energy, of joy, confidence and love.

What you have to offer the world is exactly what it needs because that is why you got to be here in the first place.

Find that thing that drives you. Embrace it, chase it, accept it, love it and love yourself.

Find your joy and let it run your life because self care is not selfish. Its fucking vital for yourself being and you deserve to feel damn good about yourself.


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