Finding the balance between freedom and the love for him.


There has always been a struggle for me to stay grounded in what I am currently doing in that moment. I am a person who tends to look beyond what is in front of me and wish to be free among the stars. Floating in my own mind of color and adventure. I think I like the idea of these moments more than I do the thing itself.
My husband has always been the person that is holding the rope I am entangled in as I float away. He pulls me back to earth for me to only snap back to reality even if it is just for a quick second. I see and hear him hoping to understand. But then I am off yet again reaching for more then what is available.

Over the years I discovered that finding the balance between freedom and the love for him is a hard one to manage. I want him to let go of the rope and float with me but his feet are too heavy. They are magnetized to the ground with no leeway of release and my heart is to light for it to be tied just to earth.

So here we are, I am off in my own ideas floating further away and him stuck in the same position. What do we do? How do we manage? How do I find within myself to stay put? How can I help him float into the new world with me?

These question I can never seem to answer. All I know is that without him holding my rope. I think I would be too far off for even myself. And that I’d never see the beauty of what earth has to offer me. But is it worth missing out on the new world adventures?

That my friends, is the question that I have yet to answer.

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